Where the Science Leads Us: Bispecific Antibodies

There’s a reason that Nexelis is the leading specialty lab for what’s next in therapeutic testing and assay development. Our corporate DNA is built from scientific rigor, premium facilities, and the best minds in the industry. Any company can claim to be agile, decisive leaders in the industry. Yet only one took the lead on SARS-CoV-2 vaccine efficacy testing, because it was what science demanded. When it became apparent that COVID-19 was rapidly evolving into a global pandemic, the likes of which had not been seen in a century, Nexelis immediately started working on assay development — work for which we had no clear client or prospective studies — because it was simply a scientific, humanistic imperative.

Now, bispecific antibodies beckon us in a similar direction.

Our pursuit as the next generation CRO has us excited about bispecific antibodies — what’s next in immunotherapy. Bispecific antibodies likely represent the next level of targeted efficacy in cancer immunotherapy, offering both precision and effectiveness that has proven elusive to oncologists for decades.

The applications of bispecific antibodies are not limited to oncology alone; the singular breakthrough cancer discovery of our lifetimes could be the beginning of how bispecific antibodies redefine modern medicine.

Our clients, in their pursuit to bring bispecific antibodies to market, recognize how momentous this will be. They choose Nexelis as their partner from the onset of projects. Our scientists execute studies at all phases of development to evaluate functionality and immunogenicity. In the discovery and early development phase, our scientists design studies that not only help to derisk downstream manufacturing of bispecific antibodies, but also provide insight into the immune response within an in vitro setting. Nexelis’ early, intensive investigations have once again placed us on the cutting edge of potentially life-changing scientific advancement. In this Manufacturing Chemist article, discover more about how our singular expertise in this fascinating investigational area can best assist your project development and path to market.